Vegan and Organic



We stand out for our Ethics, Transparency and Reliability. This is what certifies the quality of our product.

We carefully choose among the strictest and most reliable Certification Marks.

We choose to apply strict disciplinary rules to our Project in terms of QUALITY, SAFETY and SUSTAINABILITY. Not just as a trivial marketing choice but with our daily effort and love for what we do.


The label is a guarantee of a 100% vegan, ethical and sustainable product.

Vegan ok, through independent monitoring, guarantees that:

  • the products do not contain any derivatives of animal origin (not even in the packaging);

  • all products are Cruelty Free: 100% not tested on animals;

  • all products are free from palm oil.

Choosing food and cosmetics from a Vegan ok mark Company allows you to shop consciously sure that the respect for animals is an absolute moral commitment.


Organic Cosmetics and Cleansing Products.

So Cert controls and certifies all production processes :

  1. the products contains only natural ingredients that have a reduced impact on people and the environment and that are allowed by the disciplinary ( including the packaging which must meet sustainability and safety requirements);

  2. a minimum percentage of certified organic ingredients is used throughout the production chain;

  3. full transparency of claims ( the exact percentage of organic ingredients in each product must be labelled);

  4. use of ingredients and processing methods that are less harmful for people and nature;

  5. animal care and protection;

  6. 100% of the ingredients used in the products are NO GMOs.

The So Cert disciplinary is strictly designed to guarantee the highest quality of natural and organic cosmetics products.

Our products are made with low environmental impact methods, with products from organic farming without GMOs and respecting animals.

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