Shippings in Italy are made by the Italian Courier Leader Poste Delivery. Their normal delivery time is 2 days from the shipping from our warehouses. The Isles and minor or very distant places from our offices may take 3 or more days.

You will receive an e-mail to track the courier as soon as Bartolini receives the package.

When does the courier deliver?
Delivers are made from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. While placing the other you can also eventually enter the time you prefer.

What if I'm not home during the delivery time?
In case the receiver is not home, Poste will normally try again the day after.
In case the delivery is not completed by the second day, the package is held in their warehouses when it can be collected personally in 5 days.
Bartolini staff and our customer care is always avaliable to fix any problem regarding your delivery.


The cost of shipping varies based on the weight of the products and is automatically calculated by the cart during the order.


Le Erbe di Janas uses, to be as ecological as possible, old packages from other shipments and goods, to avoid any excessive use of resources and paper. Bubble wraps and polystyrene are also reused from old packages, even though we don't like using these materials, we prefer using them against because they can be recycled.

The internal wrapping to fill any void and to protect the goods are made with biodegradable air-cushions and corn chips in case the recycled materials are not enough.

We hope you will do the same reusing your glass and recycling everything possible.