In Sanskrit JNANA means knowledge. Knowledge make us free, free to choose and live a Healthy and Real life, in line with Natural Principles.”

According to Sardinian tradition, the JANAS were very little and beautiful women of power, which is why some also define them fairies. They lived in harmony with the Nature and the Earth’s rhythms, knowing the art of healing and weaving.

It was the magical aura of this myth that inspired us to create this project!

LE ERBE DI JANAS is a Sardinian artisan company founded with the aim of:

  • Promoting wellness and Rational and Aware Consumption of the gifts that Nature offers to us, fully respecting the Planet and the 5 Kingdoms that populate it.
  • Enhacing the extraordinary Cosmetics Virtues from plants through a well-rounded study of Phytotherapy and Phytocosmetics between traditional use, ethnobotanical aspects and the most up-to date technical-scientific research.

In Nature we find anything we need.

More and more people are developing allergies and sensitivity to chemical products. Therefore we have selected the best products to offer to an increasingly demanded and informed clientele, creating various herbal lines to meet every hair and skin needs.

We are happy with what achieved in recent years.

Nowadays, you can find Le Erbe Di Janas in the best natural shops, in any leading-edge herbalist or eco-friendly wellness centers and also in “green” hairdressers i.e. hairdressers of the future who choose to use herbs in their salons for the Hair Care.

In 2011, inspired by Ayurveda, we were the first Company to list a whole new concept on the use of Herbs.

We are specialized in selling powdered herbal dyes and herbal remedies for skin and hair for both personal and professional use

Our Natural Cosmetics lines are all handmade, from collecting the Herbs in uncontaminated lands from coastlines to mountains to grow all plants through the Organic method.

All extracts are produced in our laboratory in Oristano, from medicinal plants at 0 km. Special attention is paid to the endemics of the island such as Helichrysum italic subs. Mycrophyllum, Thymus herba-barona, Citrus lion var. Pompeii etc etc.

We offer a wide range of vegetable oils, butters, clays, essential oils and raw ingredients to give EVERYONE the opportunity to be the alchemists of their own beauty.

We also produce for Third Partiescustomized” cosmetics and with private label, bringing in our expertise to make our Partner’s desires true.

We create Courtesy Kit for those in the hospitality industry that care about quality and the Planet.

Le Erbe Di Janas is not just an ambitious project but it also represents an authentic lifestyle.

(Check the philosophy page to learn more)