Our packaging

Our Choices regarding Packaging are perpetually under examination and constantly evolving in order to safeguard first and foremost the Quality and Safety of the products and the active ingredients contained in them. At the same time, the commitment is 100% aimed at the health and protection of the planet.

100% recycled plastic for most of our detergents and emulsions.

It is estimated that globally,for every ton of recycled plastic in 1 year, 3.5 billion barrels of oil could be saved and CO2 emissions reduced by 2 tons!

The caps of the 50 ml packs are made of aluminium, a material that can be entirely recycled infinitely without losing its characteristics.

Our special anti-radiation Violet Glass.

To preserve the quality of the most precious and delicate products and enhance their vitality!

We choose and use the FSC Charter: Forest Stepwardship Council It is an international certification created in 1993 aimed at managing products derived from forests in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner. It means that the paper has been produced responsibly in an environmentally responsible manner.

Biodegradable plastic for most of the powdered herb packages, in this way 100% of the product (including packaging) becomes compostable!