Our exclusive anti-UV Purple Glass

Solar rays give Life and Prosperity to Our Planet but are often harmful and destructive to natural molecules.

The first way to protect them is to properly filter UV rays, choosing the best possible "dress" for plant products. We choose anti-radiation purple glass to preserve the quality of our ingredients and enhance their organoleptic characteristics.

Violet Glass lets beneficial rays pass and blocks harmful ones.

  • Black glass does not allow any light rays to pass through.
  • Transparent, green or amber glasses allows potentially harmful rays to pass through.
  • Purple Glass instead is just like a natural barrier and shows better product preservation capacity.

It is a sustainable choice compared to aluminium, plastic and standard glass, as it shows a longer shelf life ("commercial life of the product") and infinite possibilities for reuse and recycling.

The protective power of violet glass was highly appreciated already in Ancient Egypt: Oils, precious essences and healing products were preserved in violet glass containers.

According to Eastern tradition, purple represents Harmony and the Universe:

the combination of blue and red, Yin and Yang. On a spiritual, scientific and aesthetic level they are the perfect choice for preserving natural products.

Purple Glass is Biophotonic!

Biophotons (low-energy light quanta) are invisible light particles generated by living cells. Ourselves absorb and emit photons at every moment.

Biophotons absorption increases vitality, prevents diseases and slows down the aging process.

Many products with preservatives do not preserve any bioenergetic value. Our Purple Glass, on the other hand, protects the biophotonic activity, life and shelf life of the products, making preservatives superfluous.